Spend category highlight: Copiers

How much do you know about your company’s print services?

At Ebit, copiers is a spend category that we look at for many of our clients – after all, every business needs printers and copiers.

We often see lots of devices that are under separate contracts and/or long term contracts, sometimes up to five years.

As a result, we have successfully worked with many businesses to:
– Exit contracts early
– Line contracts up so they all run to the same dates
– Introduce new technology including print from mobile and print on demand

We regularly achieve all of the above and much more, whilst still reducing costs, often 20%+. In fact, we have our own in-house print expert who could run some initial benchmarking free-of-charge to see if you could save money and benefit from business improvement.

Copiers and printers. Image explains how businesses can save money on print.

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