The smart contract management software solution

Ebit’s Contract Management System (CMS) is used by some of the UK’s biggest brands. Say goodbye to outdated Excel spreadsheets. Our contract database software has been designed to give you the perfect solution.

A software product designed for your business with class-leading features and reporting tools ensuring complete governance over your contracts. 

Additionally, a managed service notifying you of contract expiry dates, market intelligence, benchmarking data and providing you with on-site support delivering risk-free commercial opportunities.

Now, that’s effective and unique.


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A solution that delivers

Ebit’s Contract Management System was developed by procurement experts and provides a true ‘end to end’ solution. It’s powerful, quick to implement into your business as it’s cloud-based. This means that it has no impact on your internal IT infrastructure.

How is our software different?

Ebit’s Contract Management System  is a centralised, secure, cloud-based contract storage tool that will alert you to key actions that need to be taken. Providing you with instant governance and market intelligence data which can inform you of commercial opportunities to ensure that you are always buying competitively. Additionally our procurement experts can deliver these commercial opportunities on your behalf.

Now, that’s powerful.

Ebit Contract Management Software

Software features and benefits

  • Secure cloud-based contracts database that can be accessed on the go without interfering with internal IT systems.
  • Microsoft Power BI enables quick, interactive and meaningful reporting on individual contracts or departments.
  • Immediate visibility of risk across departments and your business as a whole using the compliance reporting tool. Multiple users across different teams can access reporting to reduce risk to their specific department.
  • Notifications alerting you to contract expiry dates, avoiding penalties and auto renewals. This will save your business money by ensuring that you are buying competitively.
  • Proactive benchmarking, access to Ebit’s substantial market intelligence data and expert consultancy services ensuring that your contract commercials are competitive.
  • A full archiving facility to ensure that only live contracts are reviewed whilst still giving you visibility of your expired contracts.

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