Information is power!

We have the ability to tell you what you don’t necessarily know.
Within minutes we can make you aware of just how cost competitive a large percentage of your spend actually is.

Meeting with a contract bar chart being shown on a screen.

At Ebit, our client base is significant. All of our clients have similar spend categories and areas. We are constantly out to tender and our data is continually refreshed accordingly. However much your business turns over, we have relevant benchmark data! We have clients with turnovers ranging from £30m right through to £4bn.

More on Data

Great data in = great results out!

How can Ebit’s market intelligence benefit you?

The size, requirements, and team structure of our clients vary, so how do they all benefit from our data, market intelligence, and insight?

In the vast majority of cases, most businesses are focused on growth whether that be expansion via bricks and mortar, acquisition, online or international. Purchasing within most businesses tends to be reactive and the way products and services are procured ranges from well organised to sporadic.

Even in the best, most organised business, buyers are likely to repeat buying patterns, using suppliers they are familiar with. Those same buyers will not have built up a historic pricing profile across multiple companies over many years.

Within minutes, we can benchmark your rates and your contracts and provide insight with regards to just how competitive they really are. We can make you aware of market conditions, movements and opportunities that you are unlikely to be aware of. We can use data and intelligence gained from years of experience working with companies just like yours, using suppliers just like yours.

Blending Ebit’s services

Okay, so we already work with your team delivering expert resource coupled with up-to-date market intelligence. We’re providing you with a return of over 5:1 – fantastic. Why should it stop there? Why should it just be a one-off piece of work that benefits you now?

The addition of our software ensures that you continue to benefit.

Imagine the scenario where:

  1. You achieve significant savings 
  2. Your governance is drastically improved
  3. We utilise our software to load all of your contracts
  4. As contracts approach renewal dates, we give you further advice and insight

The end result? You constantly ensure that you are paying competitive market rates giving you full autonomy to focus on your business priorities.

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