Blending becomes powerful

We work with a large number of well known companies across multiple industries such as private equity, retail, food and beverage, education, logistics, health, technology and have seen significant growth over recent years. The total spend value of both our client base and under our management is significant.

When our services are blended and combined they are truly effective and unique in our space and industry. That’s why we have grown so quickly and have become a leading and trusted force for so many well known clients.

Whatever industry you operate in we can help – please take a look at our clients and the industries we work in for further information – we would be delighted to help your business.

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The reason why companies choose to work with us ?

Quite simply, we add substantial value, produce sizeable savings, provide valuable insight and expertise both short and longer term.

  1. We have class leading market intelligence and data that helps clients understand quickly if they are buying competitively.
  2. We have class leading software that within weeks transforms the way our clients buy, dramatically improves governance and gives total transparency of commercial opportunities.
  3. We have class leading experts with specific industry expertise who produce superb results working alongside clients in conjunction with our market intelligence and software.

01. Market Intelligence

Great data in = great results out! We can NOT stress enough that it is vital to ensure that any external market intelligence, back up data and advice provided to any client is up to date, correct and applicable. If handled incorrectly, spurious out of date market intelligence can be misleading and potentially dangerous.

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Market Intelligence

02. Data

At Ebit our client base is significant, all of our clients have similar spend categories and areas. We as a business are CONSTANTLY out to tender and our data is therefore constantly refreshed accordingly.

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03. Software

Ebit’s Software Solution is used by some of the UK’s biggest and most well-known brands – time to say goodbye to outdated Excel spreadsheets. We have designed the perfect solution.

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04. Consultancy

Ebit do procurement consultancy a bit differently. We believe that it’s about delivery – delivery of savings, cost reduction, business improvement and solutions that are best for your business.

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05. Managed Services

Ebit provide our clients with flexible outsourcing options to suit their specific needs.

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Managed Services

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