Marketing Data & Insight: Manufacturer

Ebit have a team of Marketing procurement experts, all with many years experience and industry knowledge making this an area of specialism. A number of businesses outsource all marketing procurement to Ebit. We work across all areas including media, agencies, digital, print, packaging, mailing, data and CRM.

Client overview

Ebit worked with a manufacturing business which needed to reduce marketing spend without compromising quality and reach.

Our approach

Ebit is always mindful that Marketing procurement requires great expertise and the right approach. Whilst cost is always important, marketing procurement is very much about getting the right solutions for a business and having experienced procurement professionals is key.

Our approach is always to build relationships, earn a business’ trust, take time to listen and help support the construction of a robust brief before going out to market.


Value delivered

  • Delivered savings of over £1m
  • Ebit worked with the client to support the implemention of a zero base budget strategy
  • Renegotiated all data/insight contracts including specification rebuild and price negotiations against a backdrop of falling budgets

Case study on marketing data/insight contracts

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