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We have successfully supported early contract exits, contract consolidation, new fleet purchase, kit roll out, leasing arrangements, print reduction and software solutions. Ebit has its own in-house Copier and MFD expert who spent 20 successful years in the industry before joining our team.

Client overview

Our client wanted to implement a Europe wide print-on-demand solution but were restricted by having many different copier and multi-function device contracts ending at different times with different manufacturers.

There was an additional £200k cost proposed to integrate the sites onto a single user friendly system.

Our approach

Using our deep level of expertise enables us to drive the very best terms working with all the key manufacturers at a senior level.

We often encounter poor contracts that businesses see as difficult to exit or many contracts running to different timelines meaning opportunities could be missed – on several occasions we have broken contracts, delivered new fleet and still saved clients money.

Value delivered

  • In order to deliver a Europe-wide solution, the Ebit team got creative and devised a cloud-based software workaround to enable print-on-demand and negate the £200k cost.
  • This enabled employees to securely print from any device at any site, including from mobile devices.
  • Ebit negotiated out of existing contracts and agreed a new pan-European contract for a complete MFD kit upgrade which rolled out across Europe over 18 months, delivering additional savings of £200k+.

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