Professional Services: Food Manufacturer

Professional Services is a diverse and specialist category which is why Ebit has senior procurement experts whose only focus is this area. We have delivered work for many clients across the full spectrum of professional services including audit, insurance, legal, strategic consultancy, HR services, labour, systems.

Client overview

Ebit worked with a €multi-billion food manufacturing client which had 14 offices across Europe and a US stock market listing.

The client outsourced their group professional services procurement to Ebit, working as part of the overall team. There had been no professional services procurement previously so this was a cold start. Internal teams were managing their own categories and stakeholders included insurance specialists and finance professionals who had managed without procurement to this point.

Our approach

Ebit has a team of senior procurement, professional services category experts who have spent the larger part of their careers devoted to this area.  This means they have deep expertise, experience, supplier relationships and are evolving their market knowledge given the focus.

Ebit focused on two key areas – understanding the business, data, contracts, set up for professional services along with engaging stakeholders to build relationships, show credibility and link in with their objectives and pain points.

Value delivered

  • Over two years, Ebit delivered savings for the client in the Professional Services category of €2.3m and our contract was renewed for another term
  • Over time Ebit’s on-site professional services consultant, who was multi-lingual, demonstrated value through procurement expertise and delivery. In some areas this was about small wins to gain confidence and recommendations grew to spread out across most categories. This included work at C-suite in areas such as audit and strategic consultancy.

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