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Case study: In-store music

In the world of high-street retail, in-store music contributes to the overall customer experience. Music can influence customer purchasing decisions, the amount of time spent browsing and whether or not the customer is likely to return in the future. The procurement of in-store music isn’t just about cost alone – it’s also important to consider types of hardware and technology, total cost of ownership, and the music itself.

Here’s an example of how we can help:

About the client:

Ebit worked with a family-owned medium-sized retailer with a portfolio of 200 stores across the UK and Ireland. The client had recently acquired an international business, adding more than 50 locations across Europe, with plans to establish a foothold across Asia.

Project overview:

Whilst working alongside the marketing team to align strategies across the markets, the client requested a review of their music contract ahead of resigning.  

Ebit ran a benchmarking exercise that established:

  1. That the current rates being charged were not market competitive
  2. That the hardware being used was not fit for purpose, with multiple repairs equating to an even higher cost across the year

With this analysis, Ebit were able to negotiate with the incumbent to provide new systems across the estate, with better rates on both the licensing and the hardware/players.


  • 25% reduction in costs
  • 2 year contract with fixed pricing
  • Roll out of new players seeing a saving of £10k annually
  • Internal process improvement with stores using updated technology
Case study: In-store music. High street retailer. 25% cost reduction; roll out of new players = £10k annual saving; 2 year contract with fixed pricing; internal process improvement.

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