Courier Services: Men's Fashion Retailer

Because of Ebit’s unique and wide range of insight, we can model scenarios and pricing before any interaction with service providers to give our clients a feel for potential solutions. Ebit’s understanding of fair market rates allows us to go out to market to negotiate and bring back proposals, including complex elements like zoning differences and add on’s such as signatures.

Client overview

Ebit tendered courier services for a men’s fashion retailer which had a UK high street store estate and an e-commerce operation.

The client was undergoing a change programme, which Ebit supported.

Our approach

We review courier contracts, ensuring that the rates are in line with fair market rates. We ensure that the specification matches client requirements, e.g. standard/premium service split, parcel tracking experience, returns process, warehouse systems interaction.

Value delivered

  • Changed service providers
  • Delivered a £250k (36%) annual saving
  • Supported the client’s change programme

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