Procurement Services: Virtual Procurement

Does this sound like you? “we are too small and can’t afford a full-time procurement person”

What about “the departments handle that themselves” or “our buyers are focussing on our direct spend”?

We understand that there are numerous challenges that all businesses are facing.  For small to medium-sized enterprises taking on additional resources can seem costly in terms of time and resources. But what if that resource can hit the ground running and deliver results quickly?

Can you imagine the difference having a highly experienced procurement team to support you whenever you need it would make? A team that contains all the generalist and subject matter experts you would normally find in a large multinational organisation.

This is where Ebit and our Virtual Procurement service will help. A service that provides an average ROI of 5:1, freeing up capital & time and allowing your team to focus on your business. It’s a win-win and our service more than pays for itself.

What is virtual Procurement?

Virtual Procurement allows small and medium sized businesses access to the same benefits and expertise larger companies have; skilled and experienced procurement professionals employing a strategic approach to procurement.

At a time when businesses are keenly focused on cost, have you considered what the cost of “business as usual” is?

We will support your team with our procurement experts, on hand to provide support as and when you need it. Ebit’s Virtual Procurement services is delivered by our team of highly skilled and experienced procurement professionals.

What can Virtual Procurement deliver for you? You may need a simple contract renegotiation, or a renewal aiming to achieve more favourable terms and pricing. Maybe a competitive RFP to several possible suppliers to achieve the best overall solution is the best solution for you?

Whatever your business’s drivers, our service aligns with your aims.  This ensures we are delivering business improvement and ensuring competitive costs that deliver for you.

We will also support your teams to understand effective Supplier & Contract Management, ensuring value is maximised. We are able to assess and analyse spending, identify additional savings opportunities. By managing the negotiations process we ultimately deliver market-competitive pricing driving bottom-line savings.

Is our virtual procurement service right for you?

We don’t know ….. but we would happily work with you to find out. We’ll help you understand the steps and how Virtual Procurement will benefit your business. If you are able to share some basic data around your current providers, spend and requirements we will be able to give you an honest overview and realistic idea of opportunities.

Virtual Procurement offers you a cost-effective and efficient way to optimize your procurement processes, achieve cost savings, and improve their bottom line. If that sounds interesting Contact us to find out more.

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