Meet The Team: Matthew Ely

Matt has recently joined the Ebit team as a Procurement Consultant. Working as part of our team of consultants to deliver expert procurement knowledge and advice and ensuring our clients achieve the best outcomes with their procurement projects. With a broad background including the NHS, financial services and retail Matt has a wealth of indirect procurement experience.

What does your role encompass?

In my role I aim to mitigate risk and add value within the procurement space for Ebit’s clients. This can involve end to end project management, running tenders, benchmarking, and price negotiation, all whilst engaging stakeholders and delivering successful outcomes

What are you looking forward to most when working for Ebit?

The variety of clients Ebit works with offers me the chance to apply my skill set to many new and exciting situations, as well as broadening my experience and providing opportunities to learn and develop my skills.

What’s your professional background?

After leaving university with a degree in Property, the market crashed, and I fell into an assistant buyer role for the NHS. This role really set the foundation for my career in purchasing, fast forward 14yrs and I have now obtained a wealth of experience within Indirect Procurement. I have worked across various industries, including retail, finance and manufacturing. This has led me to work for some well-known companies, such as Selfridges, Dunelm and IKANO Bank.

How have you adapted to remote working?

I have adapted really well, time was always precious in my role and I now have different priorities to juggle as a consultant. I now think twice about travelling as many meetings can be just as productive using MS Teams and I always ask myself “is it really necessary to travel?”. I still enjoy meeting clients and new people, I just find i spend less time on the road between meetings.

What was your first ever job?

My first ever job was working weekends on the check-outs at my local Morrisons supermarket. I will always remember it being very busy and chaotic in the store on Saturdays, but working on the checkouts allowed me to enjoy random chats with customers, getting to know them and quietly judging people’s food choices.

When you’re not at work, what do you enjoy doing?

I am an active runner and, having already completed many half marathons and the London marathon twice, my goal is to run marathons in New York and Tokyo. I also enjoy mountain bike trekking, the theatre, listening to music and exploring the world.

My favourite city in Europe is Stockholm and my favourite holiday to date was a three-week California road trip.

Do you have a favourite quote?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Who would be your dream dinner guest?

Chris Tucker & Tony Stark, one has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Michael Jackson and Prince, the other knows the Avengers.

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