Meet The Team: Jaiden Squibb

Jaiden Squibb joined the Ebit Business Growth team as a Lead Generator, having decided that continuing his education at school was not for him. Jaiden works closely with our internal team, identifying target companies and stakeholders before reaching out to understand their business and, ultimately, introduce Ebit.

With a keen desire to learn about business and develop his skills, there seemed no better place than the hotbed that is Sales into Procurement teams.

What does your role encompass?

My day to day focus is on research, outreach, and engaging with potential clients to set meetings with the Head of Growth. I also commit some time to general admin work, helping to keep the CRM system in check with fresh data.

What do you enjoy most about working for Ebit?

I enjoy the extremely friendly team who always find time to answer questions and support me, but also the odd lunch out and game of pool.

What’s been your most satisfying achievement at Ebit?

Watching my hard work turn in to potential opportunities for the business and contribute to growth.

How can Ebit help businesses to navigate the current high inflation climate?

Ebit provides valuable services to clients to enhance procurement practices, drive cost efficiencies, and build strategies to navigate inflationary challenges.

What was your first ever job?

A part time KP in an Italian restaurant – never again. It helped me though, as I knew that I never wanted to work in catering again, I would rather be on the outside dining in.

If you were an Olympic athlete, which sport would you compete in? Why?

It would have to be golf, only because if I was an Olympic athlete in that field I would be good at the game. Unfortunately, I currently am not that good but I will take any reason as an excuse to practice.

When you’re not at work, what do you enjoy doing?

In my spare time I enjoy socialising with my friends playing darts, and trying to play golf. I also have a little vegetable patch that I have took on last year and I can’t wait to cultivate my own produce again this year.

Who would be your dream dinner guest?  

Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra, or maybe both. They’re top of my Spotify playlist and I know the conversation would definitely be interesting as I am sure they would have some stories to share.

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