Keeping Control of your Contracts

We’ve worked with several businesses over the last few years, helping to identify opportunities to drive savings and service improvements. By identifying and implementing procurement strategies and policies we are able to ensure that their business is in the the best possible shape. This is essential for the current trading conditions.

When we start a new engagement with our clients we are often presented with a data file. This will detail spend across multiple categories, departments and budgets, which we love to dive into. Our clients love giving this to us as they know they’ll get back a rationalised and meaningful document. This will help us all to identify and implement a project plan.

If we ask to see the contracts that sit behind these spend files (and we always do) the result is often very different. There’s normally a spreadsheet (or six) involved. Somebody starts rummaging through drawers and filing cabinets to identify the required documents.

The spreadsheet was started some time ago and has now grown to try and encompass much more information. Not to mention multiple users, and stakeholders wanting to use it. as a result of this growth and the conflicting data requirements it is often unwieldy, inaccurate and no longer fit-for-purpose.

Isn’t it time to move on from those spreadsheets?

There comes a time when you have to move on from the spreadsheets, they no longer give you the clarity you need.

Ebit’s Contract Management Solution has been designed by procurement professionals to help you keep track of your contracts. This easy to use system class-leading features and reporting tools ensuring you can achieve complete governance over your contracts.

Designed for, and implemented by commercial procurement teams, the system provides a robust and secure end-to-end contract database. Providing valuable insight to contract owners across the business the system adds value.

With multiple features, the system allows you to easily track your contracts throughout their lifecycle, identifying spend and suppliers that are out of scope and, potentially, presenting a greater risk to your business.

How do we know that it works?

Honestly, it’s because we use the system. All of the time. As do many of our clients.

Whenever we start a consultancy project with a client one of the first things we do is upload their contracts to the system, allowing us oversight and the opportunity to identify rogue spend. This also provides the client with a concise picture of their contracts

When we finish a consultancy our clients often ask to keep the system in place as they see the benefit. It provides a cost effective tool that’s easily manageable, yet provides powerful insight and reporting.

We have expertise and experience across many industries and all indirect spend categories. If you are looking for support on a single project or need to bring in a fully operational procurement function we can quickly move to add value to your business.

We don’t know what your unique challenges are, every client we work with is different. So are we. We take the time to understand your business and the challenges you face before bringing our expertise and market leading data to the table. You are then able to make the most of our expertise, including ensuring your contracts are fit for purpose.

Our contract management software can provide an easy to use solution to expired contracts and un-defined spend across multiple business sites and functions, giving you a single clear view of any exposure to non-compliance.

If you don’t have internal capacity to conduct a review of your supplier contracts, we can help. Our contract management software will take care of contract governance for you. Contact us to find out more.

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