Stationery & Office Supplies - Virtual Procurement

As part of a current Virtual Procurement engagement Ebit advised our client on their stationery and office supplies spend. We undertook an in depth analysis of their current spend and contracts, focussing on driving efficiencies and improving services across their UK sites.

Client Overview

A leading supplier of specialist maintenance and cleaning vehicles with depots nationwide. Serving both the public and private sectors our client has a reputation for consistently delivering excellence to their customers.

Having engaged Ebit under the Virtual Procurement model we work with our client across their procurement function, adding expertise and assistance as and when required.

Our Approach

We reviewed and analyzed usage data and costs for the last 12 months and  the current and proposed pricing from our clients incumbent supplier. We also reviewed the process for identifying needs and ordering from the supplier with input from key stakeholders, including the CFO.

By benchmarking the results against our own supplier data we were able to identify that better market rates should be available and that service improvements could be achieved.

In discussion with the client we decided to go to the market and selected the two best alternative suppliers from our existing network, both of whom offered more competitive pricing across the range

Value Delivered

We have worked with our client to switch to a new preferred supplier, using its custom website for ordering stationery products. With staff now trained and able to use the website effectively they are able to make smart choices based on value and performance.

With costs significantly reduced, expected annual spend on stationery products is, dropping from £23k to £11.7k. This represents a 49% annual saving which is delivered directly to our clients bottom line.

Our client has also improved its efficiency and productivity by reducing waste, errors and delays, ensuring their staff have the right equipment at the right time & cost.

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