Virtual Procurement v the cost of doing nothing?

At a time when all businesses are keenly focused on cost, have you asked yourself what the cost of doing nothing is?

Can you imagine the difference having a highly experienced procurement team to support you whenever you need it would make?  This is where Ebit and our Virtual Procurement Service will help.

We can support your team with our procurement experts on hand to provide professional support. As and when you need it most.

What is Virtual Procurement?

As the term suggests, the services are delivered virtually by our highly skilled and experienced procurement professionals. This means there is no need for dedicated, full-time people, on-site at your company’s location.

The procurement activities undertaken will vary. From a simple contract renegotiation to a renewal aiming to achieve more favourable terms and pricing. Maybe a competitive RFP to several possible suppliers to achieve the best overall solution is what you need?

Whatever your business’s drivers, our service matches up with your aims.  This ensures we are delivering business improvement and ensuring competitive costs that deliver for you.

We can also support your teams to benefit from effective Supplier & Contract Management, ensuring value is maximised across the contract lifespan.

Virtual Procurement allows small and medium businesses access to the same benefits and expertise larger companies have. Skilled and experienced procurement professionals employing a strategic approach to procurement and providing real value.

We are able to assess and analyse spending, identify savings opportunities, managing the negotiations process and ultimately delivering market competitive pricing to drive bottom-line savings.

Typical ROI on our services is 5/1 and we ensure that you have access to the right expertise to achieve the best value.

All of this for a fixed monthly fee, determined by your requirements and ongoing needs.

The Cost of Doing Nothing?

“Nothing comes from doing nothing.” ~ William Shakespeare

As we continue into 2023 and another challenging set of circumstances for business and trade companies are focussing on budgets. Your peers and competitors will be looking to gain every advantage they can for their business.

At best doing nothing will result in your company remaining as it is, whilst costs steadily rise.

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