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At Ebit Intelligent Procurement, we work with our clients to reduce costs, increase business efficiencies, and ultimately make a real difference to the bottom line. We add value with our contract database technology, training sessions, and implementing procurement best practice.

With an average ROI of 5:1, we must be doing something right. How do we achieve this?


At Ebit we have unique and extensive benchmark data spanning a number of indirect spend areas. This enables quick understanding and assists in the negotiation of fair-market pricing and contract terms.

Buying Power

Our significant buying power is gained from constantly negotiating with a vast number of relevant suppliers and bringing substantial volumes to market on a regular basis. We hold senior relationships with relevant suppliers across many indirect spend categories. However, Ebit remains independent, unbiased, and we have no commercial gain agreements with any supplier.

Category Expertise

All Ebit consultants are senior procurement professionals with many years of relevant experience. Across the team, subject matter experts provide specialist knowledge, which all of our clients have access to regardless of which consultant is working on-site.

Knowledge and Insight

Relevant knowledge has been built up from working with more than 80 different businesses spanning numerous sectors. As a result, we hold unique and extensive knowledge and insight on best practice and different operating models.

Speed of Delivery

Pace is at the heart of our approach; we have developed effective and efficient ways of working to identify quick wins and deliver procurement activity.

Ebit Intelligent Procurement

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