The opportunity

Sometimes it becomes immediately apparent!

The scope

As part of Ebit’s initial fact finding exercise with any client, reviewing spend data is a natural part of the process. Often Ebit will recognise multiple suppliers just by looking at the supplier list and of course comparing those existing deals in place against Ebit’s knowledge of that particular supplier often invaluable.

On this occasion our client was using a well known lighting manufacturer to supply lighting products for all of their new store openings. Our client had no desire to tender or to switch suppliers but was content for Ebit to review the list of products purchased and unit pricing charged.

Final outcome and success

Ebit leveraged on the substantial relationship and pricing knowledge it already had with the particular supplier to agree an immediate price reduction of 7.5% for our client. The price reduction was immediate and the supplier also agreed to backdate the pricing to a number of stores opened over previous months.

A very happy client and the result achieved literally in a matter of days not weeks.

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