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Case study: Facilities management

Facilities Management (‘FM’) is the process of managing a broad category of spend areas for a business, covering services and infrastructure to allow the business to function, and function efficiently. These spend areas range from landscaping and window cleaning through to the repair and maintenance of plant machinery. FM can be managed by multiple suppliers or consolidated into one provider, depending on which solution is the best fit for the business.

Ebit’s approach to facilities management

The spend areas that fall under the facilities management umbrella are diverse. This, combined with the specific requirements each industry and client will bring, means that you cannot apply a ‘plug and play’ template solution. As a result, Ebit will always look to understand a business and any location-specific nuances before developing a strategy for the most effective way to manage these areas. Depending on the maturity of the existing strategy, it may necessary to implement a multi-phased iterative approach that requires step changes in processes before the optimised solution can be embedded.

At Ebit, we have successfully supported businesses to negotiate new contracts and renegotiate existing contracts (including mid-way through contract).  We have helped businesses understand which providers best match their requirements and overhaul operations to better suit their needs, and importantly the desired customer experience.

Here’s an example of how we can help:

About the client

Ebit worked with a hospitality business with disparate contracts across their site portfolio and an FM spend in excess of £7 million. With a supplier base of more than 500 suppliers, service requests were reactive and erratic.

Project overview

Ebit engaged with the client on a consultancy basis to support across a number of spend categories, including FM.


Within facilities management, Ebit identified and shortlisted a new market leading provider with the following benefits:

  • 10% (£700k) year-on-year saving for the duration of the three-year contract (total saving £2.1m)
  • Increased spend control
  • Increased compliance and warranty control
  • Standardised service levels across portfolio
Case study: Facilities Management. Hospitality business, £7m+ spend, 500+ suppliers. 10% (£700k) year-on-year saving, total savings £2.1m, increased spend control, increased compliance & warranty control, standardised service levels across portfolio.

If this case study on facilities management has made you want to find out more about how we could potentially help your business, get in touch to find out how we can help.

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